Which Blender to Choose

Blenders – the technique seems to be simple, but when choosing it is difficult to understand what to focus on. It’s simple: you need to understand why you need a blender, and depending on this, choose the type of device. And there you have to decide on the model. We tell about all the features in detail.

What is the difference between a blender and a mixer?

Let’s explain: a blender is what grinds and mixes, and the mixer mixes, whills and, with hook-attachments, kneads a thick dough. At the same time, the submerged blender can have a packing head, and then it can replace the mixer, but the mixer can not be replaced by a blender.

Stationary blender or blender jug

Such a blender will perfectly cope with the preparation of pancakes, smoothies, cocktails, baby food. With good power can chop ice. Professional models have auto-programs – ready-made algorithms with well-adjusted combinations of operating time and knife rotation speed. In stationary blenders, you can prepare soups and mashed potatoes, but the hot soup will have to be poured into a blender, which is inconvenient. In addition, the amount of soup is limited by the volume of the jug, and since a full jug can not be poured, the maximum can be “pierced” 1.2-1.4 liters at a time. Plus, too: from the jug is very convenient to pour the resulting mixture. But among the more serious virtues of blender-jugs is safety. It is difficult to imagine that the user will reach his fingers to the bottom of the jug during the operation of the device. And with submerged blenders, there are various stupid stories – you can, for example, include it accidentally at a time when you are cleaning something from the knife. But let’s not run ahead.



Another advantage of the pitchers is that they work, and you do not strain, while the submerged blender must be kept and manipulated in a bowl or pan.

When choosing a stationary blender, you should pay attention to the junction of the jug and the drive – if there is brittle plastic, then for a long time it will not be enough. Power from 600 W – the norm for a stationary blender, at a power of 750 and above, the model without any problems pins ice, and hence frozen fruit-berries, which expands the culinary possibilities of the device: for example, it is possible to make smoothies from frozen mixtures. But with a fluke of ice, you have to be more careful: first of all, see if the instruction allows it. In some models there is a special “crush” mode for this process – there is no doubt. Blenders are a noisy technique, but there are models with reduced noise levels – for example, Bosch and Electrolux. Another thing to pay attention to is the presence of a “hatch” in the lid of the pitcher – if it is, then you can add food during the operation of the blender: for example, spices or broth.

Some manufacturers write that in their blenders there is a self-cleaning function – do not believe it, pure marketing, you do not need to overpay for it. The bottom line is that you have to pour water into the bowl and press “Start” – all, pour out the byaka. That’s all the self-cleaning of any stationary blender.

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