What Do I Need To Start Juicing?

Eating fruits and vegetables is the best method to boost your health. Getting all these different nutrients from different fruits is very important. This helps in boosting your immune system. However getting it right might be quite a difficult task to do.

It’s impossible to eat all fruits and vegetables in a day. For this reason fruits in the form of juice is the best. You need a juicer to do this but the entire concept of juicing requires more than just a juicer. Let’s explore other things you need to start juicing.

How To Choose A Juicer

Before we move to how to choose a juicer, it is important to remember that juicers are classified according to speed. There are two types of juicer:

  •  Centrifugal juicer (high speed) – еhis juicer contains a disk that spins at a very high speed. Although the juicer functions at high speed the low-speed juicer do a better job regarding quality.
  •  Masticating juicer (low speed) – moves at a slower speed as compared to the centrifugal juicer. The juicer produces fine juice.

Both juicers vary in price. You can confirm prices to see which fits bests in your budget.

Juice preservation

The juice you make need proper preservation to remain fresh. Especially if you don’t intend to drink the juice immediately. In case you make a large quantity of juice you need a place to store the juice. The method used in storage determines how long and fresher the juice remains.

You can opt to use the fridge. You will first need to store your juice in a glass jar. Ensure that the glass jar has an airtight lid. You can then store in the fridge. Consider only 12 to 24 hours of storage.

What To Juice?

Juicing is a good way of acquiring nutrients. This, however, should be done under guidance especially for persons with health issues. It is very much important for everyone to get proper advice from a health nutritionist or a doctor. As much as juicing is beneficial, it can be risky. The main reason being you mix different natural nutrients that may not work well with your body.

For a healthy and nutritional juice, you need to consider vegetables more. It’s always important to have both fruits and vegetables, but vegetables have more nutritional value. Most fruits contain natural sugar.


In case you have health issues like diabetes, you need to know the following; fruits are a great source of natural sugar. Juicing fruits can be beneficial but also harmful. The whole point of juicing is health. In case you take too much of natural sugar, this may be harmful. You want to avoid your blood sugar spiking, the reason we advise you to consult with doctors.

If you had kidney problems in the past, also take precaution. Most juicing sites always advise on the need for dark leafy greens. This dark leafy greens can be extremely harmful to any person with a kidney problem history. You need to get your amount correct. Have a consultation with a nutritionist or a doctor before juicing.

In conclusion, juicing is an efficient way of getting all the right nutrients. But it is also important to consider seeking the necessary help for the best nutritional value. Not all fruits are beneficial to your health. Getting the right fruits is of significant importance. With the correct advice and a good juicer, you are sorted regarding meeting your nutritional goal.

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