Slow Juicer Vs Fast Juicer

A juicer is an appliance which is used to extract juice from vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Juicers are also known as juicing machines. The article explains whether slow juicers are better than the fast juicers or even the opposite is the truth. We will also find out whether slow juicers extract more nutrients and more juice compared to the fast juicers. Different juicer brands contradict their clients and mislead them. They neither have important or reliable information.

traditional_juicer_versus_slow_juicerSlower juicers are known as cold-pressure juicers or also as masticating juicers. The brands claim that they extract more nutrients, however, they sell them very costly. The big question remains whether it’s worth buying them at an extra cost.

The primary difference between fast and slow juicers

Slow juicers also knew cold press juicers or masticating juicers use gears or rotating screws which generally moves slowly. The move slowly and gently crushes vegetables and fruits against a screen which is perforated. This finally presses the juice out of the glass.

To be frank they are quiet to operate and function. They are also used at times to make other types of foods such as to grind coffee and pasta.

Dualit-Dual-Max-Juicer3-1On the centrally they are very expensive. It’s also very tricky and challenging to wash them; as their name suggests, the slower they are to produce juice than other centrifugal models. One is also required to cut small pieces of vegetables and fruits for easy crushing.

On the other hand, fast juicers are fast just as their name suggests. They throw fruits and vegetables into high-speed spinning sieve basket which have very sharp blades at the bottom of the glass. The high-speed spinning blades enabled the juicer to separate the juice from fruits and vegetables. They are not only cheaper to purchase and maintain but they are faster than their counterparts. They are also easier to clean compared to cold juicers. However, they also have drawbacks such as they are very noisy and they are not so good at juicing greens and other soft fruits such as plums.

Is slower juicer better in extracting more juice?

The manufacturer always claims that the juicers extract more juice from the fruit compared to the faster juicers. This can be explained using a real-life test and reviews. Every juicer is tested the amount they can produce using the same amount of fruits. After taking the test its established that, slower juicers produce a good quality of juice.images

The juice from the slower juices was of higher quality. Whether the slower juicers extract more or preserve more nutrients depends on the juicer itself. The results, however, showed that slower juicers had a tendency of retaining more nutrients compared to the faster juicers.

However, the fast juicers were better off with a diet made of potassium. Both juicers were poor in retaining fibers because the pulp is removed. According to the results, both juicers have their strengths and weaknesses but the slow juicer is better than the fast juicers in several areas. There the extra cost paid for them is worth it.


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