ECOVACS DEEBOT DM81 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

A couple of years ago, my friends got such a wonderful helper, but remained unhappy. Like, wet cleaning can not be replaced anyway, and with dust copes so-so. Maybe the model was not very successful or the apartment is not quite suitable for such a device. So it turned out that I have just the ideal apartment for a vacuum cleaner – there are no places in which it can get stuck, there are no rapids, stairs and carpets.

And the only negative – my cat can not make friends with him. I was shocked after the first dry cleaning – a full container of debris and dust, which means DEEBOT did a great job. That’s true, nothing worse than a broom. And even with the corners coped almost perfectly.

ECOVACS DEEBOT DM81 Robot Budget Vacuum Cleaner


Functional Before first use it needs to be charged for at least four hours. There is a charging station for this. Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner ECOVACS DEEBOT DM81.

Pros: on the remote there is a button “home”. And if she press the vacuum cleaner to finish cleaning and go to recharge, it seems to be convenient.

Cons: if the charging station is in another room, it will continually poke from corner to corner before it finds it, and it all takes a very long time.

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The robot cleaner is good because cleaning can start without your presence, just set the timer at the right time. But I’ve determined that cleaning is faster if he does not ride around the apartment, but on each room separately. For this, of course, you need your presence, but it’s useful. It is possible at this time to control the quality of cleaning, switching modes. For example, the “corners” mode causes the vacuum cleaner to roll only under the walls and carefully clean everything that it has missed.

In the “spots” mode, he begins to wind the circles in one place to focus on the “problem” zone and clean it perfectly. Overview of the robot vacuum cleaner ECOVACS DEEBOT DM81.

Sometimes he has some jokes and he crashes into the wall, near which calmly unfolded three minutes ago. And last night a strange thing happened. I woke up from the noise in the corridor. It turned out – this is a vacuum cleaner. He stood on the charging station for a while, and then turned himself on, and I did not install a timer. Mystic. But let’s talk about the pleasant. There is a function of wet cleaning, a special rag-cover is attached to the bottom (it, by the way, is suitable for dry cleaning), and water is poured into the container.

Do not expect that he will remove the old dried stains. But visibility of wet cleaning will do, even the floor will be slightly damp. As an option to use to maintain a neat look of the apartment

Cleaning in the good old way, that is, manually, it will not replace. This helper is not cheap, so before you buy it is better to weigh all the pros and cons. It is desirable that the apartment has no places where it can be stuck, for example, batteries in the floor, bottlenecks under the sofas.

The result

Carpets I do not have, but in any case, he can not cope with a very “hairy” coating. But if you have a large spacious apartment or a house without thresholds, then this thing can become simply irreplaceable.

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